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A team of experts in image making and processing, leveraged by the digital age. is a progressive studio based in London, focused on what’s next in retouching.

We are trusted partners to independent photographers, marketing agencies and big brands working mostly in fashion and advertising.

We’re making retouching about photography again.

We elevate the image by use of post-production and CGI and deliver a high quality, natural finish—almost invisible to the untrained eye.

Covering everything from fashion and beauty to still life and bespoke requests, we depend on a mix of wide technical knowledge and sensitivity to fine art to keep retouching grounded in exceptional photography.

Consistently good results require good collaboration

We work across locations, timezones and project scope.

We use a variety of tools to share our progress in real time and are able to work as one team regardless of location.

You work directly with  our retouchers.

Little things make all the difference and we want to capture the entire picture. Direct communication also shortens turnaround and gives you better control.

We aim for just the right amount of efficiency, so retouchers can focus on the actual work.

We adapt and change swiftly to new technology and techniques. These initiatives usually come from our retouchers.



United Colors of Benetton









The Discovery Channel


Finding talent is easy. Building relationships is hard.

A good part of our life is driven by work, so it makes sense to want to be in good company by working for and with people who fit into our culture.

Harmony can easily be confused with conformity and we take this to heart. Your fitting in does not depend on your personality. It’s about the values you have and how you contribute to (challenge) our work, process and culture. We think there’s a sweeping change taking place in how we live and work globally and we want to be a part of driving it.

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